Sonu Sood's 'Manikarnika' leak goes viral

Sonu Sood's 'Manikarnika' leak goes viral

The controversy between director Krish and actress Kangana Ranaut has created a storm. But it was actor Sonu Sood's character Sadasiva Rao that brought differences between the director and actress.

Director Krish wanted this character throughout the film while Kangana insisted that this role should be killed in the first half. After that on many things, Krish and Kangana argued and eventually the director walked out of the project. Later on Sonu Sood too exited the film as his character was changed and Mohammad Jeeshan Ayub played the role of Sadasiva Rao.

None knew how Sonu looked in this role but a leaked video is doing rounds in the internet. In this Sonu appeared muscular with beefed body and is seen wrestling. Probably this is the episode where Krish and Kangana had fought for. Sonu's intensity in the video shows how dominating he was and Kangana might have concerned that Sonu would have walked out with the limelight.

People who have watched this leaked video are wondering why Kangana excluded Sonu from playing the role as it would have added a lot of value to the film.

Despite getting good reviews, 'Manikarnika' is reporting only decent collections and it has a long way to go to breakeven.