Upasana's new initiative for 'Big Cats'

Upasana's new initiative for 'Big Cats'

Mega hero Ram Charan's best half Upasana is a leading business woman handling multiple platforms of Apollo groups.

Despite being a busy woman, Upasana takes part in initiatives with social cause. 'Save India's Big Cats' is the new initiative of this Mega daughter-in-law.

As part of this initiative, Upasana is associated with WWF and about 12 school girls who are wildlife enthusiast are selected to learn about the conditions surrounding the extinction of Tigers and spreading awareness, on a national scale.

Upasana and the school girls have travelled all the way to Ranthambore National Park which is one of the most renowned national parks and Tiger reserves in the country, on January 26th.

Before that, the school girls were treated with Apollo Foundations hospitality at Taj Vivanta.