Child Abuse Case: Bhanupriya Reacts

Child Abuse Case: Bhanupriya Reacts

While Bhanupriya was an epitome of gracious roles after giving up her glam doll appearances, now a real-life Prabhavati is accusing that she is a villain in their lives. Not stopping there, she has booked a child abuse against the actress for ill-treating her 14-year-old daughter.

Prabhavati, who belongs to a village near Samarlakota in East Godavari district alleged that Bhanupriya and her brother Gopalakrishna have abused her daughter badly. After taking her daughter to Chennai as domestic help, they have started paying the monthly salary and also choked the communication between her and her daughter. She alleged in her complaint that Bhaunpriya's brother Gopalakrishna is physically and mentally harassing her daughter.

At the same time, Bhanupriya is said to have told the police that the young girl actually stolen valuables worth 1.5 lakhs from their house. And when the actress threatened the girl and her mom of a police complaint, the girl's mother has decided to spoil the heroine's reputation with a false complaint

Meanwhile, Bhanupriya told the media that the girl has stolen many things from her house and gave it her mother. And after promising that she will return all the stolen items, the mother went to Kakinada and lodged a false case.

The major twist comes from the maid girl as well, who has revealed to media that her mother lodged a false complaint on the actress. The kid confessed that she has stolen many valuables from the actress' house.

Whatever may be the truth, for employing a kid below 14 years of age (child labor), both Bhanupriya and the girl's mother are punishable. Aren't they?