After the USA, The UK Visa Cap Troubling Indian Workers

After the USA, The UK Visa Cap Troubling Indian Workers

While the US immigration services are giving frequent shocks regarding H1B visa denials and rejections in extensions citing the 'skilled work' as main reason, the UK immigration seems to be joining the same path. As many as 6000 skilled workers with UK job offers were denied visas to the UK from last December.

Now with the latest visa denials from the UK immigration indicate that Indians are most affected due to the country's annual visa cap. It is known that Indians comprise a vast percentage of H1B visas in USA and maximum in H4 EAD workers, who are most among the employees facing hard time staying in US with same job and position since years.

One UK's Office of National statistics revealed numbers which say that large number of Indians, more than 57 percent were granted skilled work visas so far and the immigration cap is very likely to hit many more Indians. Not just the IT Industry employees, but the skilled Indian professionals from India contain teasers, professors and doctors too.

There us no particular breakdown of visa refusals based on nationality under the Tier 2 category, more than half of refusals of 6080 visas were of IT, Engineering, teaching and medical professionals too. The same Tier allows companies in Britain to hire 20,700 professionals per year and a monthly limit of 1600, from outside EU. It is heard that the monthly limit has been beached every month from December 2017.

As there is a vast staff shortage in many fields in the UK, particularly in medical and health services, experts opine that the positions are to be filled by relaxing the visa restrictions and caps for Non-EU workers, to avoid threatening patient care.

The UK home office revealed that it recognizes the contribution and services of international professionals, yet stresses that it is important the country's immigration system has to consider the UK resident labor first, before focusing on overseas recruitment.

Well, it can also be noted that the refused applicants during the months of over-subscription can re-apply in the following month.