#CastingCouch? Sr Hero Wants Evidence

#CastingCouch? Sr Hero Wants Evidence

Senior hero Suman has made quite shocking statements on 'casting couch' and also criticised young girls who want to become a star heroines in a quick time.

Suman was asked to comment on the sexual allegations being made against his friend and actor Arjun Sarja. Reacting to them, Suman got little furious and said, "Show me one evidence, I will believe their accusations."

Surprisingly Suman found fault in young women for their ambitious dreams of getting star status in short span. "It's because of the immaturity and lack of talent, girls are ready to do anything and even offering themselves to the middle men in the industry and are falling prey," said Suman.

He further added that this was not the case when he was the hero back in the 1990s. "Heroines of my generation never faced any casting couch issue as they were highly talented," stated Suman.

Well these comments may not go down well with few takers. What reaction it would draw from people who are talking a lot in media about 'Casting Couch' is needed to be checked.