Telugu Star Wives And Their Millions

Telugu Star Wives And Their Millions

Instagram has evolved like no other social media platform in this generation in recent times. While the craze of using Facebook and Twitter is a bit declining, many celebs are trying to garner a huge number of followers on Instagram.

Well, there is a reason behind discussing this topic. Actually, mega daughter-in-law, Upasana Konidela stunned everyone by getting 1 million followers on Instagram.  She has reached the target very fast comparing to other happening wives of Tollywood.

For example, we have our former heroine and star wife Namrata Shirodkar who has started her Insta journey in 2014 and is yet to reach 1 million with a shortage of 17K followers. However, despite starting in 2015, today Upasana has crossed 1 million with a limited number of posts.

Then we have Allu Arjun's wife Sneha Reddy, who is already enjoying 1.2 Million followers with only 288 posts so far. Upasana has posted 551 posts till date, while Namrata touched almost 1721 posts. Namrata and Upasana share their traveling experiences and movie related promotions of their star husbands, while Sneha's posts are more of a personal touch.

Upon reaching 1 million followers on Instagram, Upasana expressed her thoughts by sharing a couple of pictures and a comment that read “Happinesssssssss is contagious".