Kar'Nataka' : How BJP Helping Kumaraswamy?

Kar'Nataka' : How BJP Helping Kumaraswamy?

On the surface Yeddyurappa-led BJP and Kumaraswamy-led JD(S) and Congress are waging war to get hold of the throne of Karnataka, but one may wonder how BJP is helping Kumaraswamy. Well, directly it is not. But indirectly, yes, it is indeed helping Kumaraswamy.

The previous precedents set by the BJP in Manipur, Goa and Meghalaya have come in handy for Kumaraswamy. The crucial Supreme Court ruling in Bihar's President Rule in 2006  indicates that the governor has no option but to invite any party or alliance, either pre-poll or post-poll, to form the government. The ruling then was a serious set back to Congress and was welcoming to BJP.

12 years later, this ruling of a constitution bench of the Supreme Court comes back to haunt the BJP in Karnataka. Kumaraswamy in his letter to the Governor Vajubhai Vala raised the topic of SC verdict in Bihar President Rule case.

Apart from this, the instances of Goa where BJP formed the government notwithstanding that Congress had emerged as the single-largest party and then Goa Governor invited BJP-coalition to form the government has been cited in Kumaraswamy's letter to Mr Vajubhai.

If this is not enough, BJP's senior leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's tweet during the Goa row in 2017 has given a huge boost to the demand of the JD(S) and Congress leaders in Karnataka.

During Goa row in 2017, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had argued that it was obvious that post-poll alliances would be formed if the election threw up an "inconclusive verdict". He even called it as "constitutionally right thing to do" in his FB post and tweets.

Pulling out Jaitley's old tweets on Goa issue where he had argued that the combination with majority support should get the first shot at power, not the largest single party, Congress, JD(S) and communist parties are demanding the Karnataka Governor to follow the same precedent.

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury tweeted a screenshot of Arun Jaitley's old tweets, saying governors appointed by the BJP "didn't invite the single largest party" in Goa, Manipur or Meghalaya. "Union ministers gave arguments supporting them. The precedent is there to follow, right?" he tweeted.

Priyanka Chaturvedi of the Congress put out a news item on the blog that Mr Jaitley had written after Goa, saying what was "constitutionally the right thing to do" in Goa should apply in Karnataka too.

Naturally, BJP leaders are baffled over this unexpected strong counters from the opposition leaders. All these are building pressure on Karnataka governor Vajubhai. As Mr Vala is expected to take a crucial decision tonight, all eyes are towards Karnataka.