Will Do Films, But Don't Ask Me To Slim Down

Will Do Films, But Don't Ask Me To Slim Down

Popular Telugu girl Swathi Reddy who is well known in the Telugu circuits as Colors Swathi recently got married to a Malayalee air pilot. Currently enjoying her marital bliss, actually she is also said to be listening to scripts.

Cut to films, London Babulu is the last outing of Swathi on Telugu silver screen, which didn't work out. Actually, she got a huge break with Swamy Ra Ra movie, but somehow she failed to cash on that. On a couple of occasions, she clarified that being not available to glamorous roles might have killed many offers.

That said, Swathi is said to be interested to do films even after marriage like a Kareena Kapoor and Samantha. But the only condition she is applying is, the director who wants her to act in his movie should not ask about her weight. Also, she should not be forced to slim down.

After films like Tripura, Swathi has put on weight and qui[[ed, "When I'm thin, everyone asked me to put on weight. Now that I've grown a tad bit chubby, they are saying I'm looking like an aunty. This is not fair!!".

*Happy New Year to you Too, Swati*