That's Not A Lip Kiss From The TV Starlet

That's Not A Lip Kiss From The TV Starlet

From a couple of days, even Tollywood is doing a lot of hungama around this lip kiss, whose promo is getting all the attention. But finally, it is found that the kiss is a fake one and there is nothing to talk about there.

Famous in TV circuits as Parvathi for her portrayal of Lord Shiva's wife in a soap opera, actress Sonarika Badoria is not new to Tollywood. She has done films like Speedunnodu, Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam here. After the internet got exploded earlier when she shared her bikini picture shot from a top angle, this time her kissing scene did the ruckus.

The TV show, Prithvi Vallabh - Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi has seen Sonarika kissing her co-star Ashish Sharma. But actually the kiss is not visible in the promo and that happens to be a good old cheat shot. And then netizens started trolling both the actors for coming up with hot stuff on a show watched even by youngsters.

However, when the actors themselves revealed that there is no full-length lip kiss inside the serial as they didn't want to do. Sonarika stated, "I kissed in a film, and felt uncomfortable to watch it when on the screen. That's why we denied doing a lip kissing scene for this soap opera and makers agreed for that".

So someone who has got hurt with Sonarika's kissing could breathe easy now.