Jayalalithaa's Hospital Bill: 1 cr For Her Food

Jayalalithaa's Hospital Bill: 1 cr For Her Food

It's been two years since former CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa had passed away. But one way or the other news about her keeping flowing. Yet again, Jayalalithaa is in headlines and this time rightfully about her much talked tenure in hospital.

Jaya was admitted in Apollo hospitals Chennai and for about 75 days she was under doctors' observation. The hospital has reportedly charged Rs 7 crore as bill and out of which Rs 44 Lakh is still outstanding amount.

AIADMK has claimed that it paid around Rs 6 crore from its treasury while they remained unavailable to comment on when would they clear the rest of the amount.

Quite a few shocking details are revealed as the bill documents are being widely shared in the social media. Health care service costed Rs 1.92 crore, consultation fee is Rs 71 Lakh, Usage of equipment, such as ventilators, infusion pump and syringe pump costed Rs 7.10 lakh, a London-based Dr Richard Beale charged Rs 92 lakh for his services.

The hospital had charged Rs 1.24 crore for room rent, food & beverages and engineering services. In this, Rs 1.17 crore alone was for food. The food bill of Secretaries and other government staff stood at Rs 19 Lakh.

Having reported fever and dehydration, Jaya got admitted in Apollo hospitals on September 22nd, 2016. But her condition got worse and she finally breathed her last on December 5th the same year.