RGV makes dirty comments on farmers

RGV makes dirty comments on farmers

It is a usual practice for director Ram Gopal Varma to make some or the other controversy ahead of his film's release and gain publicity. Initially the audience had something interest but as they are becoming routine, RGV's controversies and movies have lost the steam. Despite this, the director hadn't changed a bit and is continuing to do his tactics (probably for the worst).

The other day RGV took part in a news channel's television as part of his production 'Bhairava Geetha' promotions. A lady activist had dialed RGV and advised him to make films that are useful for the nation instead of showing bloodshed and stuff.

To this RGV arrogantly replied that he is the most irresponsible citizen of the country and has no concern for the society. The conversation between RGV and lady activist is heating up, the anchor of the show intervened in it. She went on to suggest one day if he can make films on the issues of farmers which is bothering the nation since a very long time.

This is where then RGV completely lost his mind and made filthy comments on farmers. "I get irritated with farmers. They always stay in the mud and I hate it. That's why I don't make films on them. In case if farmers leave agriculture and take guns and sickles in their hands, then will think of a subject," said RGV.

These comments did not go well with many and are openly lashing out at RGV for his ridiculous remarks.