Thank god! No more political ads

Thank god! No more political ads

Over the last two months, the political heat in Telangana has soared a whole new level. Apart from campaigning, all the political parties have concentrated on television commercials and also promoted themselves in print, web and radio platforms.   

With the big day is just another 36 hours away, the campaign has concluded and there will be no more ads from last night and today as per the election code of conduct. This is sort of relief for the general public.

Unlike before, this time all the political parties came up with their version of ads in criticising the opponents and tried their best to woo the voters. A lot has been spent to get a 30 seconds space in Telugu entertainment and news channel while so is the case in the print media.

First page with head headings have become a talking point and they appeared like discount season is around the corner.

But whatever it's an end chapter and now it is up to the voters to decide the fate of these political parties. Which party has won people's faith, December 11th is date remember.