Is This Why Modi Went To Nepal?

Is This Why Modi Went To Nepal?

Narendra Modi is a strategic politician who makes his political moves very well. Now, his visit to Nepal is being linked to Karnataka elections by many.

During his two-day visit to Kathmandu, Modi will be offering prayers at famous Pashupatinath Temple today (Saturday), i.e on the day Karnataka people vote.

Since Lingayat community, who worship Lord Shiva, play dominant role in Karnataka and very crucial to decide the verdict of Karnataka Assembly polls, Modi's visit to Nepal and his prayers in Pashupatinath Temple on the day Karnataka votes is gaining significance.

Earlier during Gujarat elections, Modi's road show visuals and his visits to temples in Gujarat had been played on TV channels. It was buzzed that this had great effect on Gujarat polls in the last-minute.

With this, the Election Commission has passed strict orders to all news channels airing in Karnataka to not to play the visuals of Modi's Nepal tour and his prayers at Pashupatinath temple.