#MeToo: Sanjjanaa Apologizes to Director!

#MeToo: Sanjjanaa Apologizes to Director!

MeToo movement brought up some unexpected and shocking names from the Indian film industry. Many women working in films leveled allegations against men, by revealing the stories of their #MeToo incidents, but there are few who contradicted these stories saying that their revelations are cooked-up just to garner some instant fame.

Looks like here is one such 'MeToo' story and it belongs to actress Sanjjana Galrani of Bujjigadu fame. Sanjjanaa Galrani made her debut in Kannada film 'Genda Hendathi', an erotic thriller (Remake of Mallika Sherawat's Murder In Bollywood) in Ravi Srivatsava's direction.    

Sanjjanaa alleged that Ravi misbehaved with her during the film's shoot and also that he made her kiss tens of times though he initially said that there is just one kissing scene. She went ahead to allege that the director crossed all the limits during a swimming pool scene and her mother was not allowed to enter that shooting scene. Sanjjanaa's allegation says that the director also verbally abused her a lot.

But unlike any other celebrity who was blamed in a #MeToo, Ravi gave it back, much stronger. He approached directors council for help and demanded an open apology from the actress, as she agreed to do every scene knowingly and now that she took a U-turn.

Directors council too found wrong with Sanjjanaa's allegations made after 10 years of film's release and ordered her to apologize to Ravi in a week's time to avoid disciplinary action against her. With no other option left, Sanjjanaa apologized to the director, also said that her intention was to reveal her struggle during the shoot of Genda Hendathi, but not to blame anyone for that!