These were the last words of Kasab

These were the last words of Kasab

Lashkar e taiba terrorist Ajmal Kasab got convicted for 2008 attacks in Mumbai and his last words were 'You Won and I Lost'.

Ajmal Amir Kasab was hanged to death on November 21 in 2012 and the then senior police inspector Ramesh Mahale recalled the words told by Kasab a day before he was hanged.

Kasab was questioned in Nair hospital for the first time after the Mumbai attacks on November 26, 2008, and Ramesh Mahale was then primary interrogation officer. Mahale retired from service in 2013. Six years after Kasab was hanged, Mahale recalled excerpts from his conversations with the infamous terrorist.

Ramesh said that it did not take much time to realize that tough interrogative methods are not going to bend Kasab and he was given time to get comfortable so that the confess vents out on its own. That worked as Kasab slowly turned confident that Indian government won't be hanging him and also brought up Afjal Guru reference.

Kasab never revealed anything strong at all during interrogation and even in the court, he cried foul about his arrest. Kasab claimed to have come to India only to catch a glance at superstar Amitabh Bachchan and he was arrested at the latter's residence only to get locked up in 26/11 case.

Court announced the death sentence in Kasab's case and ordered authorities to hang him on November 21, 2012, four years after the attacks. Mahale was among the team that moved Kasab to Yerawada jail. Mahale says he asked Kasab if he remembers what he said (regarding death sentence in India) and reminded him that he was left only days to live.

Kasab reportedly uttered 'You won and I lost' and those were his last words on record as he did not make a sound in three and a half hours of his travel to Yerawada.

Ramesh proudly says that the minute he heard the news of Kasab being hanged, remains the happiest. Kasab lost his confidence in his last moments and that was replaced by the scare of death.