Viral Video: A 360 degree bowling action!

Viral Video: A 360 degree bowling action!

What??? You may this but it's true and this incident is reported in CK Nayudu trophy in Kalyani. Uttar Pradesh cricketer Shiva Singh has bowled a 360 degree action with delivery which left the on field umpires and Indian legendary spinner Bishan Singh Bedi in shock.

Shiva who is a left hand spinner had turned 360 degree during his action course of delivering the ball. As soon as the ball is bowled, the on-field umpired declared it as a dead ball. A minor discussion too took place between the players of the fielding side and umpire even though the batsman who is in the crease did not say any objection.

Indian legend spinner, Bedi took it on his official Twitter and shared the footage of the incident and called it 'Wierdo.' Well, how far this bowling action is legal can be gauged by the ICC laws.

For quite some time now, ICC has been keeping an eye on action of the bowlers. In the past Sunil Narine, Saeed Ajmal and many players were banned and asked to change their bowling action.

When the ICC can allow a player to bowl and bat with both right and left hands, why can't such actions be legalised? Some serious modifications are need in ICC laws!