New Tough Rule for Companies to Bring Fresh H1-B Employees

New Tough Rule for Companies to Bring Fresh H1-B Employees

Trump's government is bringing more tough norms each day to cut down the foreigners grabbing the work opportunities in the US, mainly through the H1-b visas.

In an irking move to US employers largely depending on foreign employees, US department of labour got a go-ahead to introduce a new rule that demands an organization to present the list and count of existing H1-b employees and the number of employees they wish to hire through the H1-b visa. The employer needs to get labour application approved before sponsoring a worker through H1-b visa.

Employer can only sponsor a foreign worker on H1-b when the labour department certifies that no domestic worker can accommodate that particular position and thus the employer can hire a foreign worker.

The rule also asks for more detailed information like employees skill-set, worker employment conditions, estimated number of H1-b employees at each place of intended employment and also the clear identification of H1-b dependent employers who can hire them based on their qualification, say Master's degree. This new forms will be available in coming few weeks from when the employing foreigners becomes more tough.

US immigration has been launching numerous rules to restrict foreign workers, in the combat against visa frauds and abuse. There are new policies that can scrutiny an organization if complaints raised against its discrimination based on nationality and citizenship.

Recently, the US president Trump made a statement on birthright citizenship, calling it 'ridiculous'. There is no wonder if the US govt announces major changes in citizenship policies, non immigrant visas norms and many other regulations, in the name of 'Buy American Hire American' slogan.