Khan’s Tweet Fooled A Condom Brand

What we see is not always true. But sometimes, what we read might also not be true as well. These days, Bollywood celebrities have been tricking us with their publicity stunts and masculine hero Salman Khan joined this brigade other day.

It’s a known fact that Sallu Bhai was once (maybe now for a few) the most eligible bachelor in Bollywood. Time has passed everyone else got married but Salman is still a bachelor. Fans are still waiting to get a sister-in-law whereas Bhai always skips the question about his marital status and recently stated that he is not going to marry anytime soon.

Despite all the rumours about him dating some girls including Romanian beauty Lulia Vantur, this star hero has never openly spoken about them. However, his latest tweet has fooled so many people. On his official Twitter page, Sallu posted “Mujhe Ladki Mil Gayi” which literally translates to that he finally got a girl. Expecting something out of this, many twitterati and also a popular condom brand got fooled. They instantly congratulated Salman thinking that he really got a girl.

However, what Salman meant is that he finally got the lead actress for his brother-in-law Ayush Sharma’s debut film. While fans couldn’t stop laughing with their heartthrob hero’s act, many feel how long he will keep throwing these jokes.

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