It is Best Budget: AP Minister

AP Minister and BJP legislator Manikyala Rao is at it again. At a time, when the whole state of Andhra Pradesh is fuming over the ’empty hand’ given to the state from Centre in Budget 2018, Endowments Minister Manikyala Rao has a different perspective.

Saying that this “will be forgotten in two days and issues will be settled down”, Manikyala Rao says that this is by far the “Best Budget”. He doesn’t stop there. He further explains that the Budget 2018 needs to be further analysed as the Budget speech doesn’t provide complete details. Manikyala Rao said that the detailed figures will show what are all actually allotted to the state.

So what is Manikyala Rao now trying to say? Is he saying that only he could see this as Best Budget and while others couldn’t? Looks like, Manikyala Rao hasn’t learnt anything. He is the same legislator, minister who unilaterally supported Ghazal Srinivas who allegedly booked in a sexually assault case.

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