First Look: Anasuya as Investigative Reporter

After playing a police officer in ‘Kshanam’, top TV anchor and host Anasuya Bharadwaj seems to have pocketed yet another meaty character.

Ansuya’s character from Mohan Babu’s upcoming film, ‘Gayatri’ has been just unveiled, she plays the role of an investigative reporter in the film. From the poster, it can be inferred that she plays a journalist who takes her profession seriously, works with passion and goes to any length to uncover the facts no matter how dangerous the scheme of things may be. Her ideology is – A Pen is more powerful than 1000 Guns.

Gayatri has Mohan Babu playing dual roles, both as hero and villain. Vishnu, Shriya and Nikhila Vimal will be seen in supporting roles.

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