How Long Will You Do This? Mother Asks Heroine

There is a certain time limit for heroines before they shine and fall. Especially if they have crossed that 30+ age, chances of getting big films dwindle with each passing day. Here is an interesting snippet about one such heroine.

Gone are the days where heroines who are losing sheen as a starlet just get married to a top-class businessman and retire to housewife duties. These days heroines are extending their career even after touching 35 years of age. They are proving their mettle as solo stars and pulling crowds to theatres. However, parents of these starlets are said to be unhappy with that.

This heroine has become a starlet at a young age and enjoyed being on the top for a long time. Later she lost her throne and started doing every sort of film that comes her way. In her free time, she just flies abroad to some exotic destinations and enjoys her time. But her mother is said to be worried about this.

Recently when that heroine was in Hyderabad for a film shoot, her mother reportedly broke into an argument with her lovely daughter when she’s actually getting ready to fly abroad. Her mother’s question is simple, “When will you get married? How long you will do this vacationing?”.

Our heroine is said to have told her, “Mom, Just stop it. Let me finish this vacation”, and left the hotel. But frankly speaking, this heroine’s career is not so shining and that might have worried her mother.

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