Venu Madhav Appeal To Pawan Fans

The ongoing spat between Pawan Kalyan’s supporters and Kathi Mahesh doesn’t seem to stop as a new celebrity is getting involved in the controversy each passing day. Comedian Venu Madhav has now jumped into the verbal spat, in support of Pawan. 

Venu called the media house on phone while Kathi Mahesh was in the news channel’s studio, in a live discussion, and asked him to mend his ways. Alleging that his mental condition is not normal, Venu Madhav satirically told Kathi to consult a good doctor, and he also offered to bear the medical expenses.

He also asked Kathi to prove all the 6 questions he had raised yesterday on the relation between Pawan Kalyan and actress Poonam Kaur. He allegedly warned that Movie Artists Association (MAA) will take an action against Mahesh for his alleged comments against Poonam Kaur.

During the discussion on phone, Venu Madhav appealed Pawan fans not to react to the inciting comments being made by Kathi.

Responding to Venu’s comments, Kathi Mahesh called him the Bhajana Batch of Pawan Kalyan. He also warned him to be careful.

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