Famous Stunt Woman Gets Honored By Google

Among the daily news we see in India, the likes of Amul Cartoons and Google Doodles are quite a popular thing. While Amul Cartoons hail or throw satire on particular happening (or person in news), Google just comes up with a doodle for a festival, celebration and to honour someone special.

Today (Monday) Google has come up with a doodle to honour ‘Fearless Nadia’ with a vintage looking poster-like drawing. Fearless Nadia is often referred to as the Stunt Queen of India, whose inspiration for the role essayed by Kangana Ranaut in “Rangoon” movie.

Originally named Mary Ann Evans, Fearless Nadia came to India in at the age of 1, along with her father who is an Australian soldier working for British Army. After he died in 1915 world war, she moved to various places in India before finally settling down as a sales girl in Bombay. By 1930, she entered into Zarko Circus as a stunt woman and changed her name to Nadia, based on a fortune teller advice. After her cameo in films like Desh Deepak, Wadia Movietone (movie production house owned by Wadia brothers) made her into a star with films like “Hunterwali” (1935 release) and Fearless Nadia became a household name.

Today, Nadia celebrates her 110th birthday. Married to filmmaker Homi Wadia in 1961, she died at the age of 88 in 1996, while her husband breathed last in 2004. Much is not known about her children, however.

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