Sankranthi Movies Getting Costlier?

Giving a boost to the theatre owners across the Telugu states ahead of the lucrative Sankranthi festival season, the Hyderabad High Court has allowed them to hike cinema ticket price with immediate effect. The judge further said that exhibitors need not obtain prior permission from any licensing authority for doing this, and they also need not maintain separate records to show the difference between old and new revenue.

Hearing the pleas of various Exhibitors who filed writ petitions, seeking permission to hike ticket price, the judge took a serious note of the inaction of both the Telugu States in framing scientific parameters for fixing ticket price. Even though the Telangana government had laid down certain guidelines for fixing the price, it was kept in abeyance.

The judge has now asked the State governments to frame norms in this regard and submit to the court at the earliest. The theatre owners need not obtain a prior approval from any licensing authority until the new rules are framed by the governments.

Expect the movie watching experience during this Sankranthi season to get costlier.

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