Pic Talk: Suhana’s Mehendi Look Goes Viral

We often see Bollywood superstar’s children at family functions and film events. It is a rare sight to find them hanging with their parents at such events. One such incident took place at a family wedding in New Delhi. Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan was seen along with his wife, and his two children at the wedding.

Surprisingly, SRK’s daughter, Suhana was the show-stopper at the wedding. She looked exquisite and gorgeous with mehendi at the wedding. SRK was seen posing for the cameras in his trademark style, with Suhana seen on the armrest. The Badshah’s daughter was looking so vibrant and striking in her floral Lehenga, with floral jewelry complementing her outfit.

After pictures of Suhana surfaced online, they instantly became viral, with many praising Suhana’s beauty, and outfit. The special designer outfit further enhanced the beauty of the gorgeous lady. Suhana shared a couple of pictures through her Instagram account, which received as many as 39k+ likes. Suhana, whose Instagram account goes with the ID ‘suhanakha2′ has over 184K followers.

Her charm and beauty made many of her followers feel that she could well and truly make it big in Bollywood as an actress. Don’t be surprised if you get to spot Suhana Khan in a cameo role in upcoming Bollywood flicks this year.

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