Babu Targets Rajamouli

Rajamouli is not only careful in his filmmaking, but the director is extremely diplomatic when he makes any comments on a public front. But when one of his recent claims about being atheist did not match his acts, Babu Gogineni responded in his style.


Babu Gogineni, a well-known atheist, and Human Rights activist, condemned Rajamouli after the director branded himself as ‘Atheist’.

Speaking at a discussion panel, Babu Gogineni stated that, it is because of people like Rajamouli the common man is having an insolent attitude towards atheists and Atheism. ‘I heard Rajamouli claiming himself as an atheist. Post that interview, Rajamouli entered a temple in traditional Hindu dress along with a Brahman. I have no problem with Rajamouli going to a temple. But it is unacceptable, if someone like him who claims to be an ‘atheist’ , still follows traditions,’ said Babu Gogineni. He further articulated that, there are over 100 crore people on this earth, who don’t follow any religion or have any belief in god.

Recently, Babu Gogineni criticized astrologer Venu Swamy on a live debate, proving his predictions and astrology totally fake and opportunistic.

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