Mumbai Pub Fire: Drunk.. Selfies.. Negligence

In an unfortunate incident in Mumbai Kamala mills area, a huge fire accident after midnight killed 15 people due to suffocation. Many tried to hide in ladies washroom to escape fire, but only to suffocate to death in there. Another 13 people got injured and hospitalized due to fire and stampede. 

Pub ‘1 Above’ is built with bamboo sticks and fire spread faster than expected in this fire accident. Khushboo Bhansali and group planned to celebrate her 29th birthday at this pub and fire spread few minutes after cake cutting at 12 am. Bhansali along with 14 others died on the spot in which 11 are women and died just because of inhaling smoke.

Few party attendees who tried to ecape through fire suffered burns but are alive. Around 150 people were partying at this pub during the fire accident.

Drunk.. Selfies.. Negligence

People partying hard are already drunk and huge spread fire too could not make them respond quickly. Few others reached to the exit door only to click selfies with raging fire, blocking the only way out for others. Fire extinguishers too were not properly installed at this pub and bamboo construction too added fuel to the fire. Fire from ‘1 Above’ spread to other 20 restaurants and pubs in the same ‘trade housing building’ and around 12 fire service engines arrived to put the fire down.

Khushboo Bhansali’s grand father alleged that this fire accident is due to sheer negligence of pub management as the owners and management escaped first through exit.

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