New Year Shock : Drugs Seized in Hyderabad

As the citizens of Hyderabad are all set to welcome 2018 with a slew of New Year parties that are attracting with so many offers, drug peddlers are prepping up to sell drugs in large quantities during this season. Apparently, a few have already brought drugs to the city ahead of grand New Year celebration come Dec 31st and Jan 1st.

Hyderabad West Zone police have caught three Nigerians with drugs on Friday (Dec 29, 2017). Acting on a tip off, the Special Task Force police have nabbed the three Nigerians. 225 grams cocaine and 30 grams heroin was seized from them.

City police are giving serious instructions to the party organizers and youth. Clear orders have come from the top that anyone who uses, promotes drugs in events would be immediately taken into custody and would be punished seriously.

Besides event organizers, the party goers should also be cautious given serious instructions from cops.

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