Trailer Talk: Trisha’s Mohini Avatar!!

Dusky siren Trisha Krishnan has trying to prove her mettle yet again after losing her star-status to young heroines for reasons unknown. She’s now coming up with the movie “Mohini” which features her horror side. As the poster of the film raked up huge curiosity couple of months, many are waiting for the trailer of the movie.

Directed by R Madhesh, “Mohini” actually deals with the soul of one Mohini that is doing rounds on earth. It goes to Malaysia, Thailand, London, Amsterdam and other places to kill few people. Some of the visual effects show in this trailer and the rich production values are top notch, but however, the story line and the content looks quite tried and tested.

On the other hand, Trisha tried to showcase her fierce side in the movie which she has achieved only partially for the now. And her glamorous side is as usual okay. But surely she has kept some good efforts other than those four-song and three-scene kind of films. We have to see how the film will impress.

While regular horror-goers may not find the film much interesting going by this trailer, those fans of Trisha who are expecting some change from her might like it well.


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