Apollo Founder shocking revelation about Amma’s death

Ever since former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha admitted in Apollo Hospital, Chennai, there were several doubts, questions and discussions on her health condition. Finally, Pratap C Reddy, the founder & director of Apollo Hospitals, himself disclosed that doctors who were treating her are advised not to reveal the health condition. Although Amma was in a highly critical condition, the daily health bulletin report by Apollo Hospital offered the signs of improvement and betterment.

Pratap Reddy, who attended an event at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai said that, ‘she (Jayalalitha) came in a very critical condition. Thanks to the various efforts of everybody who are concerned. She has showed a significant progress but the disease pattern was so…(bad) it’s an unfortunate thing happened.’

Mr. Reddy further added, ‘She was very close to everyone’s heart and the advise for doctors was not to reveal about the severity of her health condition as it could cause high tension among her followers.’ However, the Apollo group director did not reveal who ordered them to do so.

He also admitted that the Armugaswamy commission, that was set up to investigate Jayalalitha’s death, had summons to team of doctors who treated Amma in hospital and clarified that he did not receive any summons.

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