Govt. Bans Sunny Leone’s New Year Dance Show

Its the time of the New Year when event organizers get busy booking actresses to perform on the eve of New Year. Sunny Leone is the most in-demand actress for the very obvious reasons, and organizers have reportedly paid her a whopping sum to perform in Bengaluru on the New Year night. However, they have now received a huge shocker as the Karnataka government has denied permission for Sunny’s performance.

The govt. has claimed to have taken the decision in order to pacify the angry pro-Kannada groups, who allege that Sunny’s show will be an assault on Kannada culture, and that it will corrupt minds of youth. They even threatened to commit mass suicide if Sunny’s programme was allowed in Bengaluru.

Reacting to the protests, the govt. banned Sunny’s New Year show, claiming it was a decision taken to evade law and order issues. The officials also referred the euphoria and traffic jams Sunny had created in Kochi when she visited the city earlier this year.

Sunny’s New Year programme, billed as ‘Sunny Night in Bengaluru NYE 2018’, was to be held at a noted place in the city, needless to say the organizers are annoyed with the govt’s decision. They wonder why so much fuss was being made around Sunny’s show. They say that she will not be going to dance n**e, her performance is for families.

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