Pic: ‘Game of Trolls’ cartoon to troll Modi

With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP using a strong social media team to target the opposition parties, opposition Congress is also playing the same game. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi even informed this and he revealed that Congress will take the upper lead in the coming days.

Using Game of Thrones, Congress party stepped out with a poster of Modi captioning it ‘Game of Trolls’. The recent killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh made Congress target BJP after the leading party pointed Congress in Karnataka who did not protect her. And this cartoon is a spoof like thing on popular international TV series “Game of Thrones”, where almost five lead characters wage war with each other for that throne.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stayed calm without responding on this which turned out to be a huge sensation. Congress revealed that the official twitter handle of the Prime Minister has a list of abusers and he follows mass murders and body shamers along with convicted sex racketeers.

Congress took a deep dig on Modi and his social media history with this cartoon we have to say. Along with Modi, some of the minsters of his cabinet are also targeted, by the opposition.

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