30% Hike in Immigrants Arrests, Deportations In Chicago

According to various media reports, the number of immigrants arrested in Chicago were increased in the six month-Trump rule. Compared to previous year (during the same period in Obama’s tenure), the number of arrests of immigrants in Chicago have gone up. The new data was revealed on Thursday.

As per the data from the US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE), the hike in number of arrests, deportations is 30 per cent. ICE said to have booked 4503 immigrants in Chicago between January and June 2017. And the Federal Law Enforcement data says that 2,725 were deported. The figures in the preceding months in 2016 were significantly lower for both arrests of undocumented immigrants and “removals” (as per the agency).

The data from the Justice Department too corroborated the same. It revealed that the federal immigration courts have ordered 57,069 people to leave the US in the first six months of the Trump rule. It is a 31 per cent jump nationally compared to the same period last year.

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