Pic Talk: Sivagami Poses On Cover Page

One hit film is enough to change the fortunes of any actress forever. That happens not just with heroines but also with former heroines too. Here comes Sivagami, aka Ramya Krishna, the actress who transformed from a sex bomb to powerhouse performer.

The success of Baahubali catapulted Sivagami into a new high that she even got a chance to feature on cover pages of magazines. On the latest issue of JFW magazine, Ramya poses quite elegantly exuding both her royal charm and also that glamour tinge. The 46 year old actress credits this new found glow to Baahubali success, while her fans are still squeezed by that oomph factor she displayed.

Ramya is more open to doing mother roles now, but she’s carefully picking her choices as she doesn’t want to be mother-next-door but only a powerful one.

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