Microsoft Paint isn’t dead yet

Microsoft Paint’s fan rejoice as the app will not be pushed to death.

On late Monday, news of Microsoft Paint’s removal from future versions of Microsoft 10 broke and many fans of Paint expressed nostalgic grief.

The simple Paint app has been a part of many lives since 1985, since the launch of the Windows.

Considering the outpouring love and support for the 32-year-old inbuilt app, Microsoft, on Tuesday, confirmed that it will not kill the app instead shift it to the Windows 10 store and the downloads will be free.

However, it’s successor Paint 3D will be a default app in the Windows 10 package. The new creativity app will have 3D capabilities and other basic MS paint features like line and curve tools will also be a part of the new upcoming version.

This type of emotional support and love towards the simple art app wasn’t seen for other apps like Outlook express email client, which will be replaced with Mail.

So, keep painting!

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